Inquiry is composed of five friends making memories as a family through doing what we know and love... music. The members, Justin Piaoan [vocals], Patrick Van Story [guitar], Patrick Allen [bass], Kyle Richards [guitar], and Bri Jackson [drums] strive to change the music scene and bring back the sounds of the early 2000's, as well as incorporate a few new genres. To us, it's not just making music for the hell of it, but an expose of opening ourselves to the world and what we can give back. We are constant challenges to each other and become better people through captivating love, pain, passion, and disaster. This idea of coming together and making a universal sound that connects us all as human beings stems forth the name Inquiry. By definition it means to ask a question, to us it's more than a word, but a premise that everyday we are in constant wonderment. It can be trivial or monumental, but in the end of it all, being yourself is what keeps you here.


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